Focused on What Matters

Some gyms focus on numbers.
We focus on people.

What We're About

Our values guide how we are built, interact with our members, and serve the communities we’re in. These traits act as a compass and a measurable standard for our personal and organizational work.

Commitment: To the people we serve and to consistent improvement in all areas

Respect: For others, ourselves, and the process

Selfless service: Our athletes are the center of everything we do

Integrity: We are honest, moral, and whole

Personal courage: We do what’s right in every situation especially when it’s the hard thing to do

Our training methodology implements three core principles:

Precision: Precision is the strict adherence to optimal execution standards for physical training activities. Precision is based on the premise that the quality of the movement or form is just as important as the weight lifted, repetitions performed or speed of running. It is important not only for improving physical skills and abilities, but to decrease the likelihood of injury due to the development of faulty movement patterns. Adhering to precise execution standards in the conduct of all physical activities ensures the development of body management and fundamental movement skills.

ProgressionProgression is the systematic increase in the intensity, duration, volume, and difficulty of physical activities. The proper progression allows the body to positively adapt to the stresses of training. When progression is violated by too rapid an increase in intensity, duration, volume or difficulty the athlete is unable to adapt to the demands of training. The athlete is then unable to recover, which leads to overtraining or the possibility of injury. Phased training ensures appropriate progression.

IntegrationIntegration uses multiple training activities to achieve balance and appropriate recovery between activities in the training program. Because we are training athletes to demonstrate a blend of strength, endurance, and mobility, our programming is designed to challenge all three components in an integrated manner. We teach and develop athletes to perform tasks adequately and then integrate them into the training in the form of metabolic conditioning (Metcons).  This integration is critical in an athlete’s overall physical readiness.

We believe deeply that our people are our product. With that in mind, we openly share the expectations we have for our staff and strive to develop all of our coaches to:

  • Display knowledge and skill as a Trainer; effectively facilitating athletes’ precision, progression, and integration
  • Provide a “Leader Presence” by offering clear purpose, direction, and motivation
  • Demonstrate the values of integrity, selfless service, respect, commitment, and courage; Set the example; walk the walk; lead from the front
  • Get to know athletes and look out for their well being
  • Ensure that all tasks in a workout are understood, supervised, and accomplished properly
  • Be a positive contributor to the community and encourage others to do the same

Our Manifesto

We empower people to be happier, healthier and more successful.

We do this by being relentlessly focused on why our members came to us in the first place and supporting them toward their unique goals.

Through fitness, we’re not only forging bonds in the gym, but expanding our personal and professional network in new and different ways.

Why It Works

We're Athlete-Centered

We constantly seek to improve and evolve by asking our members what they want. Twice a year we survey our members, ask them about their experience and then report back what changes we are implementing to increase their satisfaction and results. By listening and adapting to our members’ needs, we are building a gym and a community unlike any other!

Our Programming is Science-based.

While we’re all unique and different, we all have similarities too. Science tells us what works to get specific results. We study and understand that science, build it into our programming, and consistently evaluate our outcomes. We do all this to ensure that we’re optimizing your potential and keeping you safe. Learn more in our Training Principles.

Our Staff Are Trained Experts

Our coaches are knowledgeable, encouraging and are committed to helping you meet your fitness goals. We recruit trainers from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines to keep our programming challenging, dynamic, and unique and invest in ongoing professional development to stay informed. Check out our team’s unique certifications and expertise here.