We stand for optimal health, self-actualization, and deep human connection.

We are Austin’s most dedicated and caring CrossFit facility supporting busy professionals and families to lose weight and become healthy so that they can feel better in their own skin.

Fortitude integrates professional coaching and intelligently designed training with a socially responsible community that empowers Texans to become the best version of themselves to help achieve their goals and dreams.

Unlike other gyms that offer CrossFit, group, and functional training that leave people feeling unsupported, confused, and left out, Fortitude combines nationally accredited coaches with results-driven programming in a caring, supportive, and authentic environment.

We stand for optimal health, self-actualization, and deep human connection.

Founded in 2011 by Athan Schindler – a former Army Ranger, NSCA – CSCS certified, and U.S. Army Master Fitness Instructor with over 20 years in the industry. Fortitude was voted the Best of Austin in 2018 and has hundreds of 5-star ratings and success stories from Texan families who we’ve helped build confidence, perform better in life, and work to be their best selves.

What does it mean to be a

Expert Trainers
Our coaches are knowledgeable, encouraging and are committed to helping you meet your fitness goals.

Nutrition Support
Our in-house nutrition program, Healthy Habits, provides a framework for healthier eating, nutrition coaching, and exchanging best practices.

Built-in Accountability
Our system and methods are designed to help you stay consistent and engaged. In combination with our coaching staff and athlete community, you get a three-layer support system for helping you create a routine and stick to it!

Supportive Community
Our members treat each other like family! Whether you are new to town, experiencing a life change, or just looking for a recommendation, our community exists to make your time in and out of the gym more enjoyable and productive.